Beacon Valuation Group LLC

Valuation Services

Beacon Valuation Group LLC is committed to being responsive to each client’s specific valuation consulting needs. No two engagements are the same. To that end, a unique project plan is created for each engagement to ensure that all of the client’s needs are addressed and all expectations are met. The customized services to be delivered are built on a broad range of competencies.  Beacon provides independent business appraisals to assist clients in a wide variety of situations:


• Acquisition of an entire or partial interest in 
  the business
• Allocation of purchase price (ASC 805/820)
• Bankruptcy/insolvency
• Breach of contract
• Buy-sell agreements
• Charitable contributions
• Corporate branding strategy
• Damage determination/Business interruption
• Dissenting and minority shareholders
• Divestitures
• Employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs)
• Estate planning and estate tax returns
• Expert testimony
• Financial reporting (U.S. / International) 
• Fresh start accounting
• Gift tax
• Going public or private 
• IFRS fair value reporting (IFRS 13)

• Impairment testing (ASC 350/360)
• In-process R&D
• Involuntary liquidation
• Joint venture formation

• Leveraged and management buyouts
• Litigation
• Loan value (financing)
• Lost profits
• Management buyouts
• Marital dissolution
• Mergers
• Minority buyouts/redemptions
• Patent infringement
• Purchase offer analysis
• Recapitalizations
• Reorganizations
• S Corporation Conversion
• Sale of business or interest
• Section 409(a) compliance
• Section 482 compliance (IP)
• Shareholder disputes
• Spin-offs
• Statutory (squeeze-out) mergers
• Stock options
• Strategic planning
• Succession planning
• Transfer of intellectual property
• U.S. GAAP compliance 

Business Valuations 

Beacon performs Business Valuations for a variety of purposes, including tax restructuring, regulatory reporting, estate and gift tax planning, transfer of a business or equity interest, strategic planning, liquidation, and litigation.  When performing Business Valuations, Beacon:


    • Utilizes generally accepted valuation approaches (such as Income Approach, Market Comparables and Cost Approach).
    • Applies an analytic approach and years of experience to derive the appropriate discount.
    • Considers and applies appropriate discounts and premiums for marketability, control, and minority interest.
    • Provides a deliverable that explains and supports the valuation methodology, assumptions, and conclusions.

Intangible Asset Valuations

Beacon values a wide array of Intangible Assets and Intellectual Property (“IP”), including patents, technology, trade names and trademarks, corporate brands, in-process R&D, customer lists, software, licensing agreements, contractual agreements such as non-competes, and goodwill. Beacon performs Intangible Asset Valuations for strategic, financial reporting, litigation, and/or tax purposes, including purchase price allocations (ASC 805), impairment testing (ASC 350/360), ASC 820, IFRS 13 and relevant international accounting guidelines, charitable donations, and for IP holding companies. Beacon also performs valuations for licensing purposes and other transfers of intellectual property, including transfer pricing studies in accordance with IRS Section 482.

Beacon has extensive experience in valuing intangible assets.  Beacon's intangible asset valuations include:


    • Quantitative and qualitative analysis to determine market royalty rates for intellectual property.
    • A deliverable suitable for presentation to the SEC or IRS.
    • Estimated useful lives for intangible assets.

René Hlousek, Beacon Valuation Group’s President and founder, has co-developed industry-adopted valuation courses required for advancement and certification, and been a guest speaker at various industry conferences and major professional venues, held nationwide as well as internationally, on the subject of intangible asset and intellectual property valuation.